Voxelmorph template construction

Build your own (conditional) atlases quickly

Paper: Learning Conditional Deformable Templates with Convolutional Networks

Adrian V. Dalca, Marianne Rakic, John Guttag, Mert R. Sabuncu
NeurIPS 2019 Paper | Code | Poster | News Article

Brain (conditional) atlas

Brain MRI *Conditional atlases* synthesized by our model as a function of age.
Left: single atlas for entire population
Right: atlases sampled for ages 15 - 90

Interactive version: move cursor left to right on top of the frame to see different atlases.
Click in the center of the image to play as a timelapse.

Video: Download the video as mp4 or gif.

Faces atlases

Experimental faces from CelebAMask-HQ dataset, which are affinely aligned (eye features will match across population). Attributes: Female 0/1, Smiling 0/1, Young 0/1.

Young smiling female

aligned average (left) vs our conditional atlas (right)

Young smiling male

aligned average (left) vs our conditional atlas (right)

MNIST atlases

More experimentally, here is a visualization of a templates for MNIST digits, where only digits were given during training, but at inference time we also visualize connecting atlases (e.g. "2.7").